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TrueView Occupancy



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Číslo produktu: TrueView Occupancy
Výrobca: Cognimatics
bežná cena 599,00 EUR
naša cena bez DPH : 569,00 EUR
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682,80 EUR

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Kompletné špecifikácie

TrueView Occupancy® integrates people counting technology into estimating building occupancy levels. Enabling you to get actionable analytics about a physical locations' occupancy and utilization – it is growing in importance towards understanding the flow of people within a building, as well as occupancy and other facility trends.

For an entertainment venue, convention center, high street retail shops, and shopping malls, occupancy is an indicator of the revenue opportunity. For transportation centers and healthcare centers, it is a measure of demand and important for service planning, and in all public spaces, the maximum occupancy is stipulated.

Estimate of average visit time leads to improved accuracy

Traditionally, occupancy levels in a given space are estimated by the amount of IN passages minus the amount of OUT passages. Considering that no people counting solution is 100 % accurate, any missed counts or double counts will be accumulated throughout the day. This has a small effect on visitor reporting, but may result in a potentially large discrepancy when calculating occupancy.

TrueView Occupancy®, is built upon the famed TrueView People Counter®, uses a patent pending counting algorithm that has been developed to continuously analyse behaviour of visitors, and calculate an average visit time. The average visit time is then used to filter away counting errors accumulating throughout the day. The output of the application is an estimated occupancy and average visit time at any given time.

Fully embedded

TrueView Occupancy®, is an automated stand-alone, two way occupancy system for ceiling mounted cameras that is powered by Cognimatics’ leading patent pending. image processing software. Units covering a perimeter, counts in real time how many persons are inside the perimeter, like for example a building. Occupancy levels can be sent directly to an auxiliary display.

If occupancy exceeds a user defined threshold a unit can be set to immediately send an E-mail, SMS, or play a sound file, etc.